How much is a Florida state ID? (2023)

How can I get a free Florida ID?

Go to for on-line Florida driver license or identification card renewals, replacements, or address changes. Certain conditions apply. If you already hold a Florida driver license with a digital image, you may also use to request an original Florida identification card.

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What documents do you need for a Florida ID?

Get a Florida Identification Card

In order to obtain, renew or replace a Florida identification card, you must present original documents that prove your legal name, lawful presence, social security number and two forms of residential address.

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How do I get a Florida ID for the first time?

Customers must visit an office to become REAL ID compliant for the first time. Visit to find a driver license service center or tax collector office near you. We recommend making an appointment prior to your office visit.

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Where can I get a Florida ID card?

The Division of Motorist Services has driver license service centers located throughout the state. Depending on your location the office may offer services on a walk-in or appointment only basis. Drivers may also be eligible to renew or replace a driver license online at MyDMV Portal.

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How long is a Florida ID good for?

Original, renewal and replacement ID cards are $25.00, regardless of the age of the customer. Children ages 5 through 14 are eligible for an ID card and it is valid for four years. After age 14, ID cards are valid for eight years.

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What is considered proof of residency in Florida?

Residential address documents include, but are not limited to: Deed, mortgage, monthly mortgage statement, mortgage payment booklet or residential rental/lease agreement; Florida voter registration card; Florida vehicle registration or title (print a duplicate registration at MyDMV Portal);

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What do you need to apply for ID?

Applying for an Identity book / Identity document for the first time
  1. Form BI-9, completed in black ink.
  2. A certified copy of your Birth certificate or reference book or a copy of the old Transkei, Bophutatswana, Venda or Ciskei homelands identity or travel documents.

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Can you get a Florida ID without a Social Security card?

You need a Social Security Card or Ineligibility letter to apply for REAL ID compliant license or permit.

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How much is the smart ID?

Step 6: You can make an online payment or choose to pay at a branch of a bank. The smart ID card costs R140.

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How much is a Florida ID for a 16 year old?

Florida law requires proof of date of birth, proof of residential address, and proof of social security number (if issued) from all customers before an identification card can be issued. The cost for an original ID card is $31.25. The following items are required: Proof of Citizenship or legal presence (bring one):

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How long does it take to get a Florida ID card?


Upon identity and legal status verification, a driver license or ID card will be issued within 30 days from Tallahassee, mailed to the address on the driver record. The license or ID card will be issued for the period of time specified on the USCIS document, up to a maximum of four years.

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How do I get a state ID?

To apply for an ID card: Complete a Driver's License (DL) or ID Card Application.
Visit a DMV office, where you will:
  1. Provide your social security number (SSN).
  2. Verify your identity with an acceptable identity document. ...
  3. Present acceptable residency documents (if you have never had a California DL/ID card).

How much is a Florida state ID? (2023)
What is the fastest ID to get?

The Philippine Postal ID is one of the fastest to get and has the least requirements. With just a birth certificate and a barangay clearance, you'll be good to go.
2. NBI Clearance
  • Philhealth.
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) ID.
  • NSO Authenticated Birth Certificate.
  • Senior Citizen Card.
  • Copy of Previous NBI Clearance.
22 Mar 2022

How long does ID take to come?

14 working days from date of application provided it is a straight forward application meeting all the requirements. 3.

Is smart ID card free?

The cards are issued free of charge to 16 year olds as well as those who are 60 years old and above. Of the 403 Home Affairs offices, 140 are equipped with the live capture system needed for the processing of smart ID cards and new passports.

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